Honeywell Sports Campus

Honeywell Sports Campus

The Sports Academy

The Sports Academy offers talented students from all disciplines within the college the opportunity to train and learn in a state of the art fitness environment, under the guidance of excellent coaching staff.

The Academy offers team sports (football, rugby league and union, cricket, basketball, netball) as well as support for individual athletes through its individual athlete program. Not only is the Sports Academy a source of invaluable training and resources; it also enriches student experience overall.

Members of our Academy receive 5-6 hours of technical and tactical coaching as well as 2 hours fitness and conditioning each week. On top of that, our athletes have access to performance analysis facilities, sports therapy, nutritional guidance workshops and sports psychology support. All of these features help our performers cope with the demands of their sports.

Excellent students coming to study at Barnsley College or Barnsley Sixth Form College can apply for one of our Elite Sports Bursaries. These bursaries help our athletes by contributing towards thier expenses e.g. the cost of travel, educational resources and athletic teamwear. Students wishing to apply for an elite sports bursary should get in touch with one of our team members listed below. Bursaries are awarded after successful selection from an assessment panel.

Here at the academy we take the quality of the support we offer very seriously. We have been home to some of the region’s best athletes, and are proud to say several of our students have represented their country at a range of competitions. If you have got the talent and most importantly the drive to excel in your chosen sport, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

2015 Komm Mit International Whitsuntide Tournament winners

2015 Komm Mit International Whitsuntide Tournament winners

For more information get in touch with one of our team members:

Dave Penney – Performance and Athlete Development Coordinator,
Mark Ryan – Programme Manager,
Leigh Mackie – College Sports Maker,

Or call us on +44 (0)1226 216 676 for any questions you might have.

Learning programmes delivered at the Sports Academy include: