We stand with Ukraine

As you will be aware, Ukraine has been invaded by Russia. This is a scary time for the people of Ukraine and we know there are many in our community who have family and friends affected by the conflict. If you are worried or scared, even if you don’t know anyone personally who is involved, then please talk to your tutor.

Whilst there is very little we can do practically at the moment we can send messages of support – like this one by Ian McMillan, Barnsley’s Poet. Gorlovka is in Ukraine and is twinned with Barnsley. Ian suggested that some of us might like to write our own poems for Gorlovka. If you do, send them to us and we will make sure they join the worldwide messages of support.


What can a poem do against the sound

Of gunfire and the shattering of glass?

The children lying weeping on the ground

As hard-faced men in rumbling tanks rolls past.


How can we stop a gun with rhyming words?

How can a sonnet feel a nation’s pain?

I know. But still I’ll try to make this heard:

I’m writing this short verse for you, Ukraine.


Gorlovka, Barnsley’s twin, I send you love.

We’re thinking of you as the darkness falls

And somewhere in the broken sky above

A songbird tries the gentlest of calls.


And one day we will hear that song begin.

Until then, here’s my hand, my precious twin.

Last updated: 7th March 2022

Originally posted on: 28th February 2022