Advice for students on national A Level reform

Barnsley Sixth Form College has produced a guide to the upcoming national A Level reform to help students understand the changes.

The changes include separation of AS and A2 qualifications, assessing qualifications generally only by exams at the end of the course and removal of some A Levels to avoid duplication. The changes will be introduced gradually from September 2015 and will affect any school pupils currently in Year 11 or below who are thinking about going on to study A Levels after doing their GCSEs. Many elements of the existing A Level system will remain the same, including the grading system, the length of courses and the value of the qualifications.

Gerard Garvey, Barnsley Sixth Form College Principal, said: “These changes aim to better equip students for Higher Education and employment and are being driven by the Government after extensive research showed that some parts of the existing system weren’t working as well as they should. We understand some prospective A Level students and their parents or guardians may be uncertain about the changes but there really is nothing to worry about. We urge them to look at the dedicated page on our website or call us for a free information leaflet that explains it all in detail.”

For a free information leaflet explaining the reform, please call Barnsley Sixth Form College on Tel: 01226 216 123 or read the guide at

Last updated: 9th September 2014

Originally posted on: 9th September 2014