Barnsley College recruits new Cultural Capital Co-ordinator

Cultural Capital Co-ordinator at Barnsley College

We are proud to announce that Jimmy Parkin has been appointed as the College’s first Cultural Capital Co-ordinator.

This brand new role embraces the concept of ‘Cultural Capital’, the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that each of us can tap into to demonstrate our cultural competence and achieve social mobility.

The role prioritises the delivery of cultural activities to students and staff, focusing on breaking down cultural barriers and stereotypes. Activities and support offered to students are expected to be incredibly varied and will include culinary experiences, help to plan independent travel and trips to new places, live performances, presentations from inspirational speakers and more.

Jimmy said: “Encouraging students to embrace new and different cultural experiences is extremely beneficial; it develops confidence and personal resilience whilst encouraging open-mindedness and acceptance of beliefs and lifestyles that differ from their own.

We are giving students experiences that they may not have been able to access before.

“We are giving students experiences that they may not have been able to access before. They often reveal new capabilities and result in a more ‘can do’ attitude – a willingness to try new things and aim higher with their aspirations. I’m really excited to be taking on this new challenge and I’m sure it will be really rewarding.”

Enterprise Team Leader, Jess Widdowson, added: “This role seems absolutely made for Jimmy. He has been with us for around seven years, since starting as a Business Administration Apprentice and he has a real passion for his work and a desire to make a difference to the lives of students. Jimmy is quite adventurous and always open to new experiences.

We wish Jimmy all the best in his new post and we look forward to seeing some exciting activities and outcomes of his work!

Last updated: 4th February 2020

Originally posted on: 29th January 2020