Barnsley College set to deliver the workforce of the future

Childcare student at Barnsley College

Barnsley College is one of only 54 colleges, and the only college in South Yorkshire, to offer T Levels from September 2020.

Developed in collaboration with employers, T Levels (Technical qualifications) are a new two-year qualification for students aged 16 to 18  available at Barnsley College from September 2020.

At the heart of each course, an industry placement gives employers early access to the brightest talent entering the market. The industry placement must be at least 315 hours in duration (arranged to suit the employer but typically at least one day per week over 45 weeks) and lets employers work alongside the next generation of workers entering their industry and to influence the knowledge, skills and attitude those employees develop.

By working with the College to connect with young people who are starting out on a career, employers can avoid many of the costs associated with recruitment. Once the entry-level skills are introduced into the business, there are then options to retain and develop the student on completion of their T Level, by progressing onto a  higher level qualification or an apprenticeship.

Looking past the benefits related to the bottom line, recruitment strategy and succession planning, an industry placement student provides progression and development opportunities to the employer’s existing workforce by providing coaching and mentoring opportunities and management experience. In a post COVID-19 world or an environment where staff are doing multiple roles and struggling to meet difficult deadlines, students can also provide an extra pair of hands to support key projects.

David Akeroyd, Vice Principal Technical and Professional Education at Barnsley College, said: “We are proud to be one of just 54 UK Colleges and the only college in South Yorkshire delivering T Level courses in Education and Childcare, Digital and Construction with a further 22 courses due to be rolled out in stages from 2021.

“We have fantastic partnerships with employers across the South Yorkshire region and we are in a strong position to be able to deliver these qualifications which offer such strong benefits to both our students, the community and the local economy.”

It’s not too late to apply to study at Barnsley College. To find out more about T Levels and the courses currently on offer, visit To learn more about Industry Placements please visit or contact our dedicated business development team at to discuss training and professional development for your workforce.

Last updated: 27th August 2020

Originally posted on: 27th August 2020