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Barnsley College statement relating to A Level and GCSE results

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Barnsley College has issued a statement following the Government’s announcement on changes to how A Level and GCSE grades are being awarded this summer.

Liz Leek, Deputy Principal Culture, Place and Communities, Barnsley College, said: “This year has seen unprecedented upheaval and change, but our students, supported by our staff, met the challenges head-on. It is only right that their grades are fair; matching their efforts, hard work and predicted results made by those teachers who know them best. We welcome the Government’s decision to revert to teacher assessments for A Level and GCSE results, ensuring that every single student, regardless of their background or where they live, achieves what they deserve.

“This year, more than ever, the College is supporting and advising students on next steps ensuring that they each receive all the help they need.”

Last updated: 18th August 2020

Originally posted on: 17th August 2020

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