Returning Students (Vocational and A Level)

Welcome back to College!

Here are a few frequently asked questions. Don’t worry, if you need any further help get in touch with our Admissions Team via email or Tel No 01226 216106

Your tutor should have re-enrolled you onto the next year of your course. You will receive an email with log in details for your online enrolment portal. You will be asked to check your details and tell us if anything has changed, for example your mobile number or emergency contact details.

You will be able to view the course details, accept the terms and conditions and confirm your enrolment the tutor will contact you with details about your induction and your timetable for the new academic year.

We will send you an invitation for your online enrolment session in August.

We are continuing with telephone interviews during the summer. You will receive an email with further details including an appointment when a tutor will ring within the specified hourly time slot.

The new term starts Tuesday 31 August 2021.  Your tutor will provide all the details about your induction and timetable when you enrol.

You can see the timetable for the whole year on the 21/22 Academic Year term dates webpage.