Bruce is Lost in the Library

Bruce the Library Bear has been on a sponsored tour of the virtual library to raise money for a great cause: Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  The only problem is he got distracted and has now got lost!  Help him get home to his love Betty by following the clues… and if you want to help him with his quest to raise money, follow the links below!

What was Bruce doing his tour for?

Sheffield Children’s Hospital need our help as they are in vital need of funds so they can build a new cancer and leukemia ward.

Bruce hopes to help to double the size of their existing ward and create patient en-suite bedrooms for children and their families when they need it the most. Funds will also go towards a brand-new classroom and playroom for the ward with natural lighting helping to make isolation a place of sanctuary and calm.

To make your donations, please visit or scan the QR code below.

If you could please let us know by a quick email if and how much you donate (completely confidential, we will not share this information) we can add that to Bruce’s total!  Thank you! Email:

Bruce’s Last Known Whereabouts:

Bruce was last seen entering the Virtual Library as the actual library is currently under Lockdown…

Can you work out where he went from there?




Last updated: 13th April 2021