Budding entrepreneurs hope their careers take off

Two of our Level 3 Travel and Tourism students, Tia-Anna Rowland and Millie Letts have the fantastic opportunity to take part in six entrepreneurship sessions with Andy Collard, Enterprise Coach at Sheffield Hallam University and Jess Widdowson, Enterprise Team Leader at Barnsley College.

The project will introduce them to the world of business with the hopes to supporting them as they take the first steps on their very own roads to success as they explore the world of self-employment. We asked them to keep us up-to-date with what they are doing during the sessions and they didn’t disappoint.

Read their accounts of how they got on – and we don’t have to say how proud we are of their hard work and dedication!

Session one:

Session one was about exploring enterprise and how everyone can be an entrepreneur if they put their mind to it by using their knowledge or passion to make money, seize opportunities, take risks and solve problems.

Tia-Anna said: “During the session I learnt that anything can be turned into a business idea from knitting to making soaps and jewellery. It made me think more of the things around me. In the future I would love to have my own business, I find crafting things rather therapeutic and I would enjoy making jewellery or something similar.”

Millie Letts added: “I enjoyed the first session it was something different which gave us the chance to explore new opportunities about the future or even to earn extra cash. Enterprise is all around us and most people will be successful if they get involved. I’m thinking about starting a business when I’m older to build upon and hopefully the sessions will help me with ideas whilst listening to inspiring stories from other people’s success.”

In session 2, the students will be delving into the world of business planning using a made up business. Keep an eye out for the latest on the next session.

Last updated: 13th November 2020

Originally posted on: 13th November 2020