Business and Management Research

Books relevant to your course

If you find the details of a book or article just right for your research… but it is not free on the Internet or available through Barnsley College, you can make an Inter Library Loan Request and we will get it for you for just £1. Ask at the HE Library helpdesk for more details and a request form.

You can also access the online database for courses at Barnsley College.

Here is a list of where to start looking for the books on the library shelf for your course:

004 Computers and computing
158.7 Psychology at work
330 Economics
338.04 Entrepreneurship
346.07 Business Law
378.170281 How to succeed at university
650.14 How to succeed in your career
657 Accounting
658 Business and management
658.022 Small business management
658.3 HRM
658.4012 Strategic management
658.402 Teams
658.404 Project management
658.5 Operations management
658.8 Marketing
658.84 E-commerce
808.066 Academic writing

Websites relevant to your course


Business and self-employed – advice from HM Government.
Companies House
Europa – official website of the EU.

Statistics (and more)

Office for National Statistics
Eurostat: Statistics Explained – EU statistics.
OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) – data and reports on global economy.
World Bank
International Monetary Fund publications include Global Economic Outlook and Regional Economic Reports as well as interactive features like IMF DataMapper.


BBC Business
Reuters Business
Sky Business

Market Research



CIPD : Knowledge Hub
McKinsey & Co.
CCA for a better customer experience

And more

Financial times company information including annual reports.
London School of Economics
Virtual training suite: Business and management is an online tutorial for university students to develop their Internet skills.

Last updated: 2nd September 2019