We celebrated International Women’s Day

We celebrated International Women’s Day by promoting equal rights across the college.

The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘Be Bold for Change’ which was aimed at helping women and girls achieve their ambitions in an equal environment. To promote the themes of the day, the college’s Student Services and Students’ Union have worked in collaboration to get as many bold pledges for equality as possible.

Keylie Carlile, a Level 3 Graphic Design Advanced Apprentice, said: “I’m happy that the college are making a commitment to International Women’s Day and are promoting equal rights across the college.”

Emily Thackray, Learner Voice Student Co-Ordinator, added: “There are so many communities in the world where women’s contributions aren’t valued and we want to show our support for those people and help to make a change. In the Student Union and Barnsley College we promote equality for all and keep the message of equality present throughout the year.”

Last updated: 9th March 2017

Originally posted on: 9th March 2017