We are changing lives across the world

Paul Skelland Director of Property and Estates at Barnsley College

We are making a significant contribution to Water Aid’s project to improve both health and living standards in over 240 villages in Zambia.

We installed water saving devices across its sites and 50% of the money saved by doing this was donated to Water Aid. This helped to reach 85,570 people with fresh water, 29,879 people with toilets and 24,978 people with an improved understanding of hygiene practices.

Over the course of the project the college has assisted in the repair of 391 boreholes and the drilling of 13 new boreholes which has provided communities with access to clean water closer to their homes. The college has also contributed to the digging of four new wells, as well as repairing a further six to provide water for life.

In addition to this, the college has contributed to teaching and training 212 community members about water hygiene and sanitation. These people will go to local schools and communities to explain the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

Paul Skelland, Director of Property and Estates at the college, said: “We are involved in a joint venture with ADSM, a leading utility management specialist, to be part of their Water Aid project in Zambia. The results have been amazing, helping to reach thousands of people with safe water and improved sanitation. This is a project we are proud to be a part of.”

Last updated: 8th May 2017

Originally posted on: 8th May 2017