College donates vital PPE to Barnsley Hospital

Our Public Services department have donated desperately needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to frontline NHS staff working at Barnsley Hospital.

The department donated 30 chemosuits and shoe covers, 30 face masks, 50 pairs of protective glasses and 12,000 gloves which will be worn by hospital staff to prevent the spread of Covid-19 when they are treating patients.

Mark Ryan, Head of Department for Service Industries and organiser of the donation, said: “Barnsley Hospital was extremely grateful to receive the equipment which went straight to the Intensive Care Unit where they are treating Covid-19 patients.

“I believe that everything the community and people are doing to support the NHS is important and incredible. Staff from other departments and institutions are getting together to provide masks, scrubs and other essential equipment. Working together really does make a difference.”

Barnsley Hospital’s Head of Commercial and Procurement Services Michael King added: “Providing PPE to our staff so we can care for our patients is our absolute priority. Obviously, it is well documented that the UK has some PPE supply issues so this very kind donation will help us in our fight against Covid-19. The support from the people, businesses and education has been nothing short of amazing. We are very lucky to have such kind hearted people in our borough all pulling together when NHS staff and NHS Patients need it most. Thank you!”

Last updated: 29th April 2020

Originally posted on: 29th April 2020