College return for Professor Joann Fletcher

Fashion students had a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Ancient Egyptian culture when historian Professor Joann Fletcher paid a visit to her hometown.

Barnsley-born Egyptologist Professor Fletcher, a former student at the College, discussed in detail her exhibitions at Experience Barnsley and talk to students about the artefacts and their connection to Barnsley.

Professor Fletcher brought the exhibition to life and enabled students to understand the complexities of ancient Egypt and how different social classes approached fashion. Students have used the information provided by Professor Fletcher and further research to develop a range of garment designs and textile sample as part of a collaborative assignment, working for an audience.

Fashion student India Hague, 17, of Shaw Lane, said: “The talk from Professor Fletcher was really interesting and fascinating, it gave me a lot of inspiration to help me start my research.”

Student Rheanne Lord, 18, of Thurlstone, said: “The talk and exhibition was very impressive, Professor Fletcher has so much knowledge on Ancient Egypt which was fascinating. Hearing all the details about the artefacts in the exhibition has inspired me and my design.”

Kay Conway, Art and Design Course Leader at Barnsley College, added: “To have Professor Fletcher share her experiences and the story behind her exhibitions with our students is a real honour. The students’ artwork has been really impressive, capturing the essence and practices of the Egyptian fashion.”


Last updated: 18th December 2017

Originally posted on: 18th December 2017