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College students support West Yorkshire Police

a black and white image of seven police officers with riot guards all stood in a line

Barnsley College Access to HE Criminal Justice and Policing students took part in a live Public Order Riot Training exercise for West Yorkshire Police which tested how they would react in real life riot situations.

The experience has been invaluable to students, allowing for a rare insight into the nature of the training involved within the purpose built Carr Gate training facility in Wakefield, perfect for those students aspiring to pursue careers within the Police Force.

Dana Woods, a Level 3 Criminal Justice and Policing student, said: “It taught me listening skills as we had to really listen to the trainers in order to participate in the exercise. It also gave me an insight into what to expect from the police and what actually happens with a riot, which was an exciting opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.”

Connor Franklin, a Level 3 Criminal Justice and Policing student, added: “This trip gave me an inside perspective and more knowledge of areas within the police, a magnificent experience!”

Alina Danylchenko, also a Level 3 Criminal Justice and Policing student, went on to say: “It was a new experience and now I have a better understanding of what policing is about and the tactics used to deal with challenging situations.”

Last updated: 2nd October 2019

Originally posted on: 2nd October 2019

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