Community spirit on display with College students

Barnsley College Sport and Public Services students have been going the extra mile to support their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a round-up of the amazing work our students have been doing:

Joe Barker, a Level 3 Sport student, said: “A lot of people are self-isolating so I’ve been going shopping for the elderly and working extra at the butchers where I’m employed to make sure the community is fed. I have been making my own self-learning timetables on my whiteboard at home so I am still doing my education and I’ve been going running to improve my fitness.”

Ella Reed and Finley Reed, both Level 3 Sport students, have been helping a vulnerable lady on their street. They have been checking on her and getting her shopping.

Molly Haglinton, a Level 3 Sport student, has been shopping for her elderly neighbour and her grandparents.

Lois Austin, a Level 3 Sport student, has been helping her Mum who is a carer by cooking meals, collecting prescriptions and also walking an elderly neighbour’s dog each day.

Harry Scott, a Level 3 Sport student, is delivering prescriptions in the community for a local pharmacy.
Level 3 Sport student Charlotte Howe is volunteering with the NHS by phoning the vulnerable and ensuring they have everything they need.

Nicole Carberry, a Level 3 Public Services student, said: “We have been producing food boxes for key workers. We decorated six boxes and then started filling them with food donations. We had a box for the police, the ambulance service, bin men and four boxes for the NHS. We have done this to put a smile on the faces of those that are so brave during this hard time and dedicated to their jobs. It’s all about community spirit!”

Last updated: 28th April 2020

Originally posted on: 28th April 2020