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Business and Administration NVQ Level 3 Work-based

In Brief

Start Date / Duration

There are various start dates throughout the year and runs for 52 weeks.

Entry requirements

You must be working or volunteering in an administrative role.


You will achieve

NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration

Course overview

The qualification assesses your abilities to carry out a range of administrative tasks and recognises your achievements in a way that is relevant to your work.

NVQs work by testing your abilities in the workplace. To complete an NVQ you need to prove that you can do certain work-related tasks. NVQs are assessed in a combination of ways: By portfolio – you build up evidence of what you’ve done at work; and by observation – a trainer watches you work and checks that you can do the tasks.

Candidates produce evidence to prove they have the competence to meet the NVQ standards. Trainers sign off units when the candidates are ready. The trainer tests candidates’ knowledge, understanding and work-based performance to make sure they can demonstrate competence in the workplace.

Candidates compare their performance with the standards as they learn. They look at what they have achieved, how much they still need to do and how they should go about it, until they are assessed as competent for a unit or a whole NVQ. The system is right for candidates who already have skills and want to increase them, but also for those who are starting from the beginning. As the system is so flexible, new ways of learning can be used immediately.

Course content

You will have a trainer who will work closely with you, often visiting you in your workplace. They will also keep in touch with you via email, telephone and drop-in workshops.

You will produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your competence in working in an administrative role. The portfolio can be presented as a traditional paper based file or as an electronic file using the Onefile e-portfolio.

Total Credit Value of qualification:
Minimum 58 credits (at least 40 credits must be from Level 3 units or above)
27 credits must be completed from Mandatory Units
13 credits minimum must be completed from Group A Optional Units
3 credits minimum, 10 credits maximum must be completed from Group B Optional Units
3 credits minimum, 8 credits maximum must be completed from Group C Optional Units
Mandatory Units
27 credits
Unit numberUnit titleCredit levelCredit value
 301Communicate in a business environment34
 688Principles of business communication and information34
 689Principles of administration36
 690Principles of business310
 345Manage personal and professional development33
Group A Optional Units
13 credits minimum 
Unit numberUnit titleCredit levelCredit value
 202Produce business documents23
 204Store and retrieve information24
 205Produce minutes of meetings23
 206Handle mail23
 208Prepare notes from text using touch typing24
 209Prepare text from shorthand26
 210Prepare text from recorded audio instruction24
 213Maintain and issue stationery and supplies23
 215Contribute to the organisation of an event23
 216Organise business travel or accommodation24
 217Provide administrative support for meetings24
 218Administer human resource records23
 219Administer the recruitment and selection process23
 220Administer parking dispensations23
 221Administer finance24
 223Buddy a colleague to develop their skills23
 302Contribute to the improvement of business performance36
 303Negotiate in a business environment34
 304Develop a presentation33
 305Deliver a presentation33
 306Create bespoke business documents34
 307Contribute to the development and implementation of an information system36
 308Monitor information systems38
 309Evaluate the provision of business travel and accommodation35
 310Provide administrative support in schools35
 311Administer parking and traffic challenges, representations and civil parking appeals35
 312Administer statutory parking and traffic appeals36
 313Administer parking and traffice debt recovery35
 314Administer legal files35
 315Build legal case files35
 316Manage legal case files35
 321Manage an office facility34
 322Analyse and present business data36
 405Support environmental sustainability in a business environment44
 406Resolve administrative problems46
 407Prepare specifications for contracts44
Group B Optional Units
3 credits minimum, 10 credits maximum
Unit numberUnit titleCredit levelCredit value
 323Organise and deliver customer service35
 325Resolve customers’s complaints34
 327Bespoke software34
 328Spreadsheet software36
 332Promote equality. diversity and inclusion in the workplace33
 333Manage team performance34
 334Manage individuals’ performance34
 335Manage individuals’ development in the workplace33
 336Chair and lead meetings33
 338Encourage innovation34
 340Procure products and/or services35
 341Implement change35
 342Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes34
 344**Participate in a project33
 347Using email33
 348Database software36
 349Presentation software36
 351Word processing software36
 352Website software35
 410Develop and maintain professional networks43
 411Develop and implement an operational plan45
 415Manage physical resources44
 416Prepare for and support quality audits43
 418Manage a budget44
 419**Manage a project47
 420Manage business risk46
 422Recruitment, selection and induction practice46
Group C Optional Units
3 credits minimum, 8 credits maximum
Unit numberUnit titleCredit levelCredit value
 694Understand the customer service environment35
 326Principles of digital marketing and research37
 329Principles of marketing stakeholder relationships33
 330Principles of marketing research35
 337Principles of leadership and management38
 346Principles of Social Media within a business36
 350Principles of marketing and evaluation37


Continuous assessment of evidence produced and accompanying written reports.

You will be required to provide paper, writing materials, A4 ring binder file, extra wide dividers and clear plastic wallets.

You will study in your place of work.

On successful completion of the programme you may wish to progress onto Business Administration NVQ Level 4. You can also alternatively seek employment as a receptionist, clerical assistant or administrator.

How much does the course cost?

Course fees: £895 full fee payable.

Extra information

If the course is listed as full fee payable, you will have to pay for the course.

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Business and Administration NVQ Level 3 Work-based

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