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Health Perioperative Support Level 3 Apprenticeship

In Brief

Start Date / Duration

This course has various start times throughout the year and will take 18 months to complete.

Entry requirements

Apprentices should:

  • Show enthusiasm for working in the health sector
  • Have basic literacy, numeracy and communication skills on which the apprenticeship will build
  • Have a suitable level of physical fitness to perform some aspects of the job roles (e.g. assisting in moving and handling of people)
  • Be willing to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service checks  (this is needed as apprentices are likely to work with children, young people or vulnerable adults)
  • Be flexible as there may be a requirement to work shifts
  • You will need to find an employer to employ you as an apprentice.
  • Please see our Apprenticeship vacancies

Individual health sector employers may have additional employment entry requirements e.g. a current driving licence would also be an advantage (and may be necessary for some roles)

Applicants to this Apprenticeship will be from different age groups, with differing backgrounds and experience. As a guide, applicants may enter via a range of routes including from:

  • Work
  • Work experience
  • School/college
  • Training and/or experience which may include a portfolio showing what has been completed.

Applicants may have already achieved a range of qualifications e.g.:

  • Key Skills or Functional Skills
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • 14-19 Diploma
  • GCSEs • GCEs
  • Welsh Baccalaureate (at this time there is no credit transfer)
  • Welsh Baccalaureate with Principal Learning (at this time there is no credit transfer)
  • Other level 2 qualifications
You will achieve

Advanced Apprenticeship in Health (Perioperative Support) Standard

Last updated: 4th April 2018

Course overview

This Apprenticeship Framework provides the skills and knowledge required to become competent in supporting Health Professionals (e.g. surgeons, nurses, operating department practitioners) within the operating theatre department Apprentices are employed as Perioperative support workers or theatre support workers and work alongside Health Professionals providing patient care within the hospital operating theatre department. Apprentices gain the new skills and learning they need to carry out these job roles as well as preparing them for future employment and career progression within the health sector. This work-based programme was designed and developed with employers.

Course content

Credit Assignment in Mandatory Units Level 3 Diploma in Perioperative Support (QCF)

The minimum requirement of 10 credits of assessed knowledge is met in this framework through the achievement of the mandatory units. The learner will achieve in excess of the minimum requirement in undertaking the full qualification.

The list below sets out how the credit has been assigned across the mandatory units. All units in this qualification are mandatory.

  • Promote Communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
  • Engage in personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
  • Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
  • Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care
  • Promote good practice in handling information in health and social care settings
  • Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
  • The role of the health and social care worker
  • The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control
  • Causes and Spread of Infection
  • Cleaning, Decontamination and Waste Management
  • Transport, transfer and position individuals and equipment within the perioperative environment
  • Contribute to the safe use of medical devices in the perioperative environment
  • Assist in the delivery of perioperative care and support to individuals
  • Measure and record individuals’ body fluid balance in a perioperative environment
  • Assist in receiving, handling and dispatching clinical specimens
  • Provide support to the surgical team when preparing individuals for operative and invasive procedures
  • Perform the non scrubbed circulating role for perioperative procedures
  • Prepare anaesthetic environment and provide support for pre and post operative anaesthesia and recovery

How will I be assessed?

E-portfolio and workplace observation.

Guided learner hours [GLH] are delivered during contracted working hours.  The normal working week in the Health Sector is 37.5 hours. If an Apprentice is employed part-time, the Apprenticeship must be extended in order for the apprentice to complete the GLH’s.

To satisfy the requirements of this apprenticeship framework and pathway an apprentice will need to complete a total of 731 (GLH). This total includes both the on and off-the-job guided learning that is to be completed over 18 months. A minimum of 280 GLH must be delivered during the first 12 months. The remaining GLH can be delivered at any time during the course of the apprenticeship.

What equipment will I need?

All equipment will be provided.

Where will I study?

You will study in your workplace and at Barnsley College Sci Tech Centre.

What can I do next?

On completion of this pathway, learners may progress onto further qualifications specific to their work context. A wide range of qualifications are available for use within the health sector. These may include further QCF qualifications, a range of higher education qualifications or other work-related education and training to support Continuing Professional Development.

Progression should not just be seen as vertical. In some instances progressing into another role at the same level may be just as rewarding as it offers the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.

To become a Health Professional (e.g. Nurse, Operating Department Practitioner) apprentices would have to progress from their apprenticeship to undertake a specific qualification, often a 3-year university Degree, which, on completion, would enable them to register as a professional. To do this, individuals would have to meet the specific entry qualifications as outlined by their chosen Higher Education Provider.
Many perioperative support apprentices complete their apprenticeships and continue to work as perioperative or theatre support workers with delegated responsibilities assigned to them by the practitioners they work alongside. This may include supervision of other team members.

How much does the course cost?

There is no cost to being an apprentice. All costs associated with your apprenticeship, including the cost of training and your salary, will be paid by your employer.

Financial support

You may be eligible for assistance with expenses such as travel, books, equipment and childcare. For further information please contact the Student Services Team on +44 (0)1226 216 114.

Extra information

Contact the Apprenticeship Team

For further information please contact the team on +44 (0)1226 216 123 or email:



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Health Perioperative Support Level 3 Apprenticeship