The School Liaison Team

We work closely with teachers, careers advisers, individual pupils and parents to provide information, advice and guidance around career pathways and study programmes. We offer a range of activities to students from primary school age to Year 13.
Some of the activities on offer include:

  • School careers/options events
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Group presentations
  • Assembly talks
  • Application support
  • One to one pupil support
  • Mock interview support
  • College taster sessions
  • Subject specific taster sessions
  • College tours and visits
  • Visits for vulnerable groups
  • University Campus Barnsley tours/taster sessions

Careers Advisers and parents are welcome to contact any of the School Information Advisers to book a school or college activity. If you are a school pupil, we can support you with information around career pathways, study programmes and the Barnsley College application process.

Meet the School Liaison Team:

Sharon Hellewell – Information Team Leader

Please contact me if you would like to book an activity or learn more about what we offer.
Tel: +44 (0)1226 216 829 or email

Amy Butterwood – School Information Adviser

I work closely with the following schools:

  • Barnsley Academy
  • Crofton Academy
  • Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy
  • Minsthorpe Community College
  • Outwood Academy Shafton
  • Other schools in the Wakefield/Pontefract area

Tel: +44 (0)01226 216 255 or email

Angela Dakin – School Information Adviser

  • Holy Trinity School
  • Higher Education

I support Holy Trinity School with post 16 careers information, advice and guidance. I also work closely with sixth forms and colleges to provide support around Higher Education pathways at University Campus Barnsley. I can also help with the following HE activities:

  • University taster sessions for all ages, from Primary School to adult learners
  • Subject specific taster sessions
  • Student Finance
  • Attend school/college careers events
  • A variety of presentations and talks including application to HE and student life
  • Tours and visits to University Campus Barnsley
  • Organise student ambassadors to attend school/college

Tel: +44 (0)1226 216 284 or email

Olivia Johnson – School Information Adviser

I support the following schools:

  • Ecclesfield School
  • Outwood Academy Carlton
  • Springwell Academy
  • Stocksbridge High School
  • Winterhill School
  • Wingfield School

Tel: 01226 216 376 or email

Garry Lyon – School Information Adviser

I support the following schools:

  • Dearne ALC
  • Kirk Balk Community College
  • Netherwood ALC
  • St Pius Catholic High School
  • Wath Comprehensive School
  • Other schools in the Rotherham/Sheffield area

Tel: 01226 216 609 or email

Lynn Padgett – School Information Adviser

I work closely with the following schools:

  • Darton College
  • Horizon Community College
  • Kettlethorpe High School
  • Penistone Grammar Advanced Learning Centre
  • Shelley College

Tel: +44 (0)1226 216 292 or email

Last updated: 13th June 2016

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