Covid-19 Student Home Testing

Once you have completed two tests at College, students must undertake home testing.

A home testing kit will be given to you after your second on-site test. The testing kit will be linked to you so do not swap your kit with anyone else.

How to test

The kit will include instructions and you can also watch this video. The video guides you on how to conduct a test at home: Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing – YouTube (and below).

The process is very similar to what you will have already have done twice on site.

When to test

  • You must take your first at-home test between 3 and 5 days after your second on-site test.
  • You then need to take a test twice-a-week, every 3-to-5 days


Once you have completed your home test and got your result you must provide your results to the College AND to the NHS.

If your result is positive please do not come to College, and follow Government guidelines.

Your tutors will be checking that you have registered a result so it’s really important to remember to do it.

Our testing centre ID code is: BIVH


Further Information

Please ring our student Covid helpline on 01226 216835 if you have any queries.

Update for parents on twice weekly COVID-19 testing at home for students

After taking two supervised tests in College, students will move to twice weekly, rapid COVID-19 testing at home.

Up to 1 in 3 people who have COVID-19 have no symptoms and could be spreading it without knowing. Getting into a regular habit of testing twice a week will help stop the virus spreading, keeping your family and friends safer.

Students will receive home testing kits after their second on site test in College. Please make sure your child tests themselves twice a week, 3-5 days apart, in the morning before College if possible and, if not, the evening before.

If your child has not been tested at College yet, then please get in touch with us so that we can arrange an appointment for them to be tested on site. They will need two on site tests before beginning home testing.

A student should obtain a negative on-site test results before beginning face-to-face activities in College.

It is really important that your child provides their test results to both the College and the NHS. Please see the ‘Results’ section above for full details.

This does not replace testing for those with symptoms. If your child has symptoms they must self-isolate immediately, book a PCR test and follow national guidelines.

Testing for parents, households and bubbles

Regular rapid testing is now available for parents, their households and support or childcare bubbles , please see below for details of how to access tests. The government is encouraging all families to participate in twice weekly testing to help stop the spread.

Parents and other adults in the household can access tests by:

  • Ordering tests online
  • Getting an assisted test at work, if it is available.
  • Attending a rapid lateral flow test site to get tested (where you will be able to see how to take the test) or pick up tests to do at home. Please be aware that College test sites are for students only.

Please note, home testing kits given to students are linked to them so should not be used by anyone else.

Find out more on school and college household testing.

Last updated: 26th July 2021