What you need to know before attending your test

Before you arrive


√ wear a face covering

√ limit the amount of belongings you bring with you

√ bring a smartphone if you have one*

√ bring your student or staff ID badge

√ bring evidence of your consent email (either on a mobile device or paper version)

When you arrive

When you arrive, you will be directed to our Welcome Desk, where your ID, consent forms and contact details will be checked

You will then go to our Registration Desk to scan your QR code to register yourself with the NHS.

*staff will have a device to register anyone without a phone or who needs support


Our staff will be on hand to supervise the test. Please note, staff are unable to administer tests.

For information of how to do the test download: How_to_do_your_test_COVID_19_instruction_leaflet_for_schools

This guidance will also be available at the testing facility


You will receive your results within half an hour of the test.

If you are negative: you can carry on with your day on campus. Staff will be tested twice weekly, and students will be tested again between 3 and 5 days after the first test.

If you are positive: you will need to go home immediately and self-isolate, following the government guidelines. Next of kin will be informed if you are under 16, the isolation room will be used where appropriate. Please avoid public transport where possible.

If the test is void: you will need to re-book and take the test again as soon as possible

Barnsley College COVID-19 Helpline number

We have a helpline number for anyone needing further information about this service.

Telephone: 01226 216835

Last updated: 22nd January 2021