Direct Entry’s Enterprise Project

The very first cohort from our 14-16 provision have been given the opportunity to become Enterprise Project Leaders for 12 weeks as they embark upon an entrepreneurial journey to gain the knowledge and skills required to tackle the world of business and construction as they renovate the outdoor space at one of our campuses.

Read their blog below to keep up to date with their progress!

Week 1 – An introduction to Enterprise

This week students attended a virtual workshop with Jess Widdowson, Enterprise Team Leader, where they had the chance to dig deep and think about their own interests and hobbies and how they might turn those into businesses. They were also introduced to the world of entrepreneurship and the importance of social media platforms, advertising and reputability of a business or company as well as the different types of people that enter the industry.

Students have been tasked with designing their own business, thinking about what they would sell, how and to whom. We’ll catch up with them next week to see what they’ve come up with.

Week 2 – Initial project planning

Students have been busy brainstorming this week! The second session of the enterprise project saw students really engaged and excited to be involved in the project. Jess opened up a discussion that unveiled a wealth of ideas for the project… our favourite suggestion of the day was to fundraise for a basketball hoop.

Our students have expressed how much they are looking forward to getting started with the project and told us they can’t wait to make their outdoor space look better and become a more accessible place to visit.

Last updated: 14th October 2020

Originally posted on: 14th October 2020