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Donated construction materials help to support the next generation of construction workers

Image of neat, new roof tiles

National builder and regeneration specialist, Countryside Properties, has donated a pallet of roof tiles to the Construction department that will be used by students studying Level 2 Maintenance Operations.

Students on the course will use the tiles as part of the roof maintenance unit providing them with practical experience of using construction materials and helping to prepare them for employment after they finish their studies.

Christopher Penn, Regional Operations Director at Countryside Properties, said: “We recognise that in maintaining quality and future growth our people are the most important factor. We also feel that we have a responsibility to offer our expertise and guidance to future generations of students within education.

“By donating these materials, we have made a statement that we want to invest and be part of the College students’ educational journey.”

Danny Rossie, Deputy Head of C-Stem at Barnsley College, added: “Collaborating with local construction businesses enhances our students’ experience at College. These high quality materials donated by Countryside Properties will give our students an insight into what is used daily on a construction site. We are more than grateful to Countryside Properties and Christopher for this donation and look forward to working with them to help our students further.”

Last updated: 4th November 2019

Originally posted on: 23rd October 2019

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