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Talent United Masterclass: Enabling neurodiversity in the workplace

About the event

Talent Utd Masterclass Neurodiversity In The Workplace April 2021

A FREE virtual masterclass hosted by Talent United

Join us online on Thursday 1 April, 9.30am – 11.00am.

There has been an increased awareness of neurodiversity in recent years and recognition of the benefits this can bring to a business. Employing a wide range of people with different skills and mindsets, maximises problem solving, creativity and continuous improvement. Diversity equals strength.

However, in order to maximise the potential that neurodiversity brings to a team, due regard must be given to the existence of barriers within the workplace. These can often be invisible unless experienced. A neurodiverse team member can often encounter these barriers, exposing challenges and perpetuating a deficit-based model.

This masterclass will outline the different types of neurodiversity and their characteristics, highlighting significant strengths and potential challenges; emphasising the practical steps that can be taken to remove barriers to high performance by adopting meaningful inclusion.

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This masterclass will be presented online via Zoom.

Our Masterclass Presenter

Kate DeanKate Dean, Director of Enable Disability and Inclusion Consultants Ltd.

Kate has spent over 10 years working in universities leading and managing student facing disability support teams, ensuring that students with a wide range of disabilities and long-term conditions could access and participate on their course, through a combination of reasonable adjustments and enabling strategies. Kate led a number of key institutional collaborative projects which sought to anticipate needs and remove barriers across recruitment processes, in policies and procedures and by embedding enabling technologies into mainstream provision.

Kate has written, co-ordinated and delivered institution-wide training on disability specific topics, accessible customer service and inclusive teaching. Kate has contributed to numerous committees and offered specialist advice to HR and Occupational Health colleagues.

Kate contributed to research on transition pathways for autistic students and led a project with the National Autistic Society and is of the firm belief that good autism practice, is good practice for all.

About Talent United

Talent United is Barnsley College’s employer engagement initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between education and employment. By building lasting relationships with businesses, we can provide students with meaningful employer engagements and create a culture of employment across the college. Together, we can enrich the future labour market by creating a generation of ‘work ready’ learners that are aware of the careers available to them and have the employability skills to progress into employment or further study. Find out more about Talent United.

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