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Talent United Masterclass: How thinking different can squeeze far more revenue out of your marketing

About the event

Talent United Masterclass from Barsley College and Fresh Thinking

A FREE virtual masterclass hosted online by Talent United.

Join us online on Wednesday 9 December, 9.30am – 11.00am.

Why do what so many of your competitors are doing, when you can achieve more by thinking different?

A lot of the business world today seems to be living in an age of sameness, where:

  • Too many products, services and even companies look and sound the same as each other.
  • Millions of businesses are slugging it out on the same social media platforms and struggling to be heard.
  • So many businesses use the same marketing methods to try to reach the same target customers.

Many business owners are left wondering why their marketing isn’t achieving the revenue levels that they want, or helping them to get ahead of their competitors.

In this masterclass, John Horton will explore two ways in which marketing can deliver far superior results, and help you to outstrip your competitors:

  1. Why choose you – John will explain how you can get significantly more customers choosing to do business with you, rather than with your competitors. This is a question that many businesses, both large and small, either don’t bother answering at all, or if they do, they often run into one of many pitfalls.
  2. The power of highly targeted Marketing in a largely untargeted digital world – John will explain how you can guarantee to get your best competitive marketing messages right under the noses of your top target customers to achieve conversion rates as much as 30 times greater than by using email or social media.

The masterclass will finish with a short question and answer session during which John will be happy to discuss any marketing challenges you may be facing in these interesting times.

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This networking event will be hosted online. Please register via Eventbrite and we will send you joining instructions.

Our Masterclass Presenter

John Horton of Fresh Thinking MarketingJohn Horton of Fresh Thinking

John Horton is Managing Director of South Yorkshire based marketing agency Fresh Thinking. John is ever so slightly obsessed with squeezing more revenue out of every drop of marketing investment for its customers. He created Fresh Thinking four years ago.

Prior to founding Fresh Thinking, John spent 13 years leading two businesses in the housewares and consumer goods industries, including seven years as Managing Director of Amefa UK in Sheffield. There he more than doubled sales to £12m and generated record profits by making Amefa UK a genuinely marketing-led business.

It’s this commercial thinking and success ‘company side’ that John wanted to bring to ‘agency world’ in Fresh Thinking. John’s team has experienced first-hand your size of business, the challenges of running it, and how marketing has to drive more revenue for you. So, it’s much easier to get better commercial marketing done, more quickly.

About Talent United

Talent United is Barnsley College’s employer engagement initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between education and employment. By building lasting relationships with businesses, we can provide students with meaningful employer engagements and create a culture of employment across the college. Together, we can enrich the future labour market by creating a generation of ‘work ready’ learners that are aware of the careers available to them and have the employability skills to progress into employment or further study. Find out more about Talent United.



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