HE Virtual Open Day – Programme of Events

HE Virtual Open Day – Thursday 18 November.

We’re so thrilled you have chosen to join us this afternoon. Use the links below to join at the time of the event.

If you have any issues on the afternoon of the Open Day, someone will be monitoring our social media channels. Please send us a direct message!

Time of event Subject Area Link to Zoom meeting. Meeting ID Password
3.30pm Animal Management https://zoom.us/j/97554215842?pwd=Vnl5Y2YxaG9lVTdrdmVJaGRPaERjdz09  975 5421 5842 BCHEANIM
3.30pm Art https://zoom.us/j/4987516450?pwd=dnEvakJkcGwrbGRFZDFoRWFpa283Zz09 498 751 6450 BCHEFINEA
3.30pm Business https://zoom.us/j/93322554097?pwd=T1oxUDV0TDFvdWRlUjlIMDYxdUFrUT09 933 2255 4097 BCHEBUS
3.30pm Childcare https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85004169844?pwd=OWFLZ0h0cVFuMGRSeEdrdzdQaGtZQT09 850 0416 9844 BCHECHCD1
3.30pm Construction *Due to unforeseen circumstances Construction are  not offering a live chat session at 3.30pm. Please join the 5.30pm session.
3.30pm Health and Social Care https://zoom.us/j/93126377058?pwd=STRoc0NzMW5sOEdaaFFvOXUyazcrUT09 931 2637 7058 HEHEALTH
3.30pm Music https://zoom.us/j/95067593685?pwd=b0xiMDRhRTNCbVZ1RzdFQTVIYUhndz09 950 6759 3685 BCHEMUSIC
3.30pm Public Services https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85717838086?pwd=aTZ6b0ZLOExkZ0lVc0xtY2trUXUvdz09 857 1783 8086 BCHECRIMIN
3.30pm Sport https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86152451105?pwd=bStCNXJUM1N3RkgzRG1TWFgwcDE3dz09 861 5245 1105 BCHESPORT
5.30pm Animal Management https://zoom.us/j/92135546818?pwd=VEdSSkZHMzVZMnFDVXp6WjJRQWxwQT09 921 3554 6818 BCHEANIM
5.30pm Art https://zoom.us/j/98389224596?pwd=Z09yZDU2T1cxQTlsTGJKYkFsY2R0QT09 983 8922 4596 BARNSFINEA
5.30pm Business https://zoom.us/j/92055533856?pwd=cERZc2FpbXJ2djdBUVB3ekV1d3Ntdz09 920 5553 3856 BCHEBUS
5.30pm Childcare https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84611632443?pwd=TDFqZHd1RG42V1YvVnd4YnQvNnBZQT09 846 1163 2443 BCHECHCD2
5.30pm Construction https://zoom.us/j/95504513133?pwd=dENINVFHa1k3SGRtYU9ZTk5pN2RPUT09 955 0451 3133 BCHECONST
5.30pm Health and Social Care https://zoom.us/j/92283283029?pwd=dTB1alQwbzZlaTRYSitvMWN1Tm1zZz09 922 8328 3029 HEHEALTH
5.30pm Music https://zoom.us/j/95125714056?pwd=THBIcENWRko1S1hiRnI5ZUw3Z3o2dz09 951 2571 4056 BCHEMUSIC
5.30pm Public Services https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89932931586?pwd=UmlNOVVhUEZldnNidklQcWdYcHdvZz09 899 3293 1586 BCHECRIMIN
5.30pm Sport https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87470466489?pwd=NnhRV1RrTGhkUVdyQnN1YlEra0NLUT09 874 7046 6489 BCHESPORT

Using Zoom

If you are not familiar with using Zoom then there is a lot of help available on their website: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

We advise that you have a look before the scheduled start time of the meeting as some devices require you to download the app.

Please note: you do NOT have to create an account in Zoom to be able to join the meetings.

Format of the meetings

  • We will start the meeting at, or shortly after the published start time. These are not drop-in sessions as there will be a presentation in each one.
  • We will ask you to mute your microphone for the presentation.
  • There will be a presentation/talk from a member of academic staff from the subject area.
  • During this time you will be able to use the chat function to ask any relevant questions that you may have, although you may want to wait until the end when there will be time for you to ask questions.
  • At the end of the presentation the staff member will respond to questions from the chat box function, or you can use the video call function to ask them yourself.
  • Hopefully, all your questions will be answered, but we can take your details for a personal response at a later date if this is necessary, just let the staff member know you would like to do this and they will support.
  • You can attend as many sessions as you wish, you do not have to book individual meeting, just click on the meeting link or use the Meeting ID and password to join.

Last updated: 18th November 2021