Incident on 20 September 2018

On Thursday 20 September we received a report of an incident at Barnsley College’s Old Mill Lane campus alleging a person was carrying a firearm. We immediately contacted the Police who attended the College and detained one male. Following a search, Police said he was not in possession of a firearm, or any weapon.

At no point was anyone harmed. The College remained safe throughout the incident and continues to be safe.

Chris Webb, CEO and Principal of Barnsley College, said: “We understand that the incident was upsetting for both staff and students. I am proud of the College’s response to the matter and the prompt support of the Police. I am pleased that everyone is safe and the incident is now over.”

The College will fully cooperate with the Police and their ongoing investigation.

Last updated: 20th September 2018

Originally posted on: 20th September 2018