Make a creative start to 2021

A female part-time Silversmithing student

A part-time Silversmithing student

We are offering part-time courses starting in January 2021 for people with an interest in art and design.

These courses are available to be studied in the evening and will allow students of all abilities to get their creative juices flowing and gain confidence in their chosen subject before possibly exploring it further.

The programmes available include:
• Ceramics (both beginner and intermediate level)
• Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media
• Printmaking: An Induction
• Silversmithing (Jewellery)

We’re also offering the opportunity for people to study Graphic Design and Photoshop at either beginner or intermediate level, enabling them to explore the subject and learn new software skills.

Ross Hooley, the College’s Programme Manager for Art, Design and Fashion, said: “These courses are a great way of developing your creative knowledge and skills in a safe environment with expert support and guidance. Our part-time courses are perfect for training and development, as well as for people that want pursue a hobby they’ve always thought about doing.”

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Last updated: 3rd December 2020

Originally posted on: 3rd December 2020