Message from Yiannis Koursis, Principal and Chief Executive (31/03/2020)

I sincerely want to thank all students and staff at the College for their hard work in getting the College to become a thriving online community. What an action-packed first week we all had…

From ‘walking’ an online route as part of their Outdoor Adventures Course to engaging in live Hair and Beauty demonstrations, students have risen to the challenge of online learning in so many ways.

I am extremely proud of the resilience and self-motivation demonstrated by our students. They are adapting to studying at home, engaging with their teachers through online channels and showcasing their talents. There are also excellent examples of students offering their support by volunteering at the hospital.

As we continue to embrace the transition from face-to-face delivery to online learning and assessment, I look forward to hearing more examples of how the Barnsley College community is continuing to thrive.

Keep up the innovative teaching and learning, celebrate successes, motivate each other (the shout-out from celebrity chefs to catering students was a welcome boost) and stay safe.

Yiannis Koursis

Principal and Chief Executive

Last updated: 31st March 2020

Originally posted on: 31st March 2020