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New support tool to help apprentices

New support tool to help apprentices

College students and a tutor.

Our apprentices and students will benefit from a new support tool that will help them in their studies, work and in everyday life.

The profiling tool will identify areas where they may need extra support in their learning and create a bespoke learning support package.

“We decided to introduce Cognassist so that we can get a better understanding of how our students think and learn.”

Cognassist is an innovative cognitive package that has been developed in conjunction with experts in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology. It looks at eight areas of the brain that are connected to thinking and learning such as verbal memory, numeracy, visual perception and literacy which then helps students to understand their preferred ways of learning.

Cognassist is available to all of our apprentices and students aged 19 and over. Students will be required to undertake a 30-minute online assessment that will analyse their brain functions, show where their strengths lie and provide information on the areas that could be developed further. Students will then be given a personalised monthly support plan containing tasks that will offer support to maximise their learning and develop their employability and personal skills such as time management, communication, decision making and problem solving.

The plan will be reviewed on a monthly basis with a teacher or a trainer to ensure that students are getting support with their additional learning needs, helping them to succeed in their apprenticeships or studies.

Siobhan Evanson, Head of Additional Learning Support and Safeguarding at Barnsley College, said: “We decided to introduce Cognassist so that we can get a better understanding of how our students think and learn. This will help us to tailor our support and provide each student with the techniques and skills required to help with their learning needs. Further enhancing our commitment to providing the very best for our students in helping them to reach their potential.”

Last updated: 30th November 2020

Originally posted on: 30th November 2020

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