College students find their inner zen

Nine-week mindfulness programme.

Nine-week mindfulness programme.

Our Animal Care students took part in a nine-week mindfulness programme aimed at improving their mental wellbeing.

Along with their traditional day-to-day classes, students have developed skills and techniques to help them pay more attention to the present moment, to their own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around them. Each week covered a different theme from sleep therapy and anxiety support to foods to eat to maintain a good mental balance.

Ebony Naylor, a Level 3 Animal Care student, said: “I really enjoyed the mindfulness programme as it gave me time for myself to take the focus away from the current situations with Covid, and it allowed me to calm down and enjoy the here and now! The programme will help me a lot with my further studies and life as if I start feeling a little overwhelmed, I know how to react to calm myself down and just remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.

“I would just love to thank my tutor Beverley Jones and Health and Wellbeing Advisor, Lisa Kelly, in allowing this to happen as it has helped a lot of people and we are now able to apply it to our lives to help with any struggles we come across. Without the mindfulness programme, I would still be thinking about what happened in the past or what I might be doing next year whereas now I have learned the importance of being in the here and now, I can enjoy the things around me a lot more and just be grateful.”

Beverley Jones, Senior Tutorial Team Leader at College, added: “I started a mental health focus group at Wigfield Farm on a Wednesday afternoon, a common theme that came through was finding ways to relax and unwind or shut off.  The nine-week mindfulness programme was fantastic support for so many students, it gave them some consistency and something to look forward to each week.”

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Last updated: 13th May 2021