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Students reach national qualifiers

Left to right - Milan Dobrita and Matthew Bottomley.

Left to right – Milan Dobrita and Matthew Bottomley.

Four students have reached the national qualifiers of the WorldSkills UK competition, a skills contest where individuals or teams compete against one another to demonstrate their talent in a particular vocational skill.

Milan Dobrita and Matthew Bottomley, Level 3 Games Design students, are through to the 3D Digital Game Art national qualifiers. The competition has been created to reflect the role of a 3D Digital Artist within the game industry and what standards are expected when developing a game. Students had to produce three-dimensional models and assets using a designer’s brief to employ creative, technical, and specialist skills to deliver assets in a marketable game.

Ella Morrison and Darcey Crump, Level 3 Fashion, Theatre and Media Hair and Make-up students, have progressed to the Commercial Makeup national qualifiers. The competition concentrates on the role and tasks of a Commercial Makeup Artist. Students had to demonstrate creativity and imagination, excellent attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure, within a dynamic and challenging media environment, working on a specific brief, with challenging time constraints and limited working space.

Discussing their Games Design shortlisting, Milan said: “I’m very excited about the competition especially since I managed to qualify for the national qualifiers. I love to 3D model and I decided to take this opportunity to sharpen my skills. To reach the national qualifiers I applied a lot of the skills that I have gathered throughout this year with a lot of help from my tutors and online guides.”

Matthew added: “It feels great and I’m ecstatic about taking part in the next stage of the competition. During the design process I learned to be resilient, this is a result of multiple versions due to poly count or graphical errors. The College has supported me by answering any questions I have such as errors and ways around complicated modelling or texturing.”

Reflecting on their skills developed during the Commercial Makeup competition, Ella said: “I feel proud for reaching the national qualifiers. The skills I have developed during the process are sticking to the brief and being more creative because I have had to work a little bit harder on creating an idea that will be unique and to a good standard. My tutor has been very supportive with back-and-forth communication which has made it a lot easier.”

Darcey Crump added: “I feel like it’s a very big opportunity and I’m so excited of the possible opportunities that could come from this competition! The skills I feel I have developed during this process so far, is time management, working to briefs, and I personally feel my confidence has been developed.”

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Last updated: 15th June 2021

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