Performing Arts Interview Process

Complete an application form available online or a paper application that can be found in the back of the course guide.

Stage 1 – Initial Interview

You will attend a group audition workshop/activity related to your pathway choice.

Performers will take part in several short practical workshops, Production Arts Students will be expected to talk about their previous experience/ interest in this area with a member of staff, but will not have a practical audition. Performing Arts is a very competitive world, where performers are expected to diversify and broaden their performance range. We offer only 20 places on each pathway, so it is very important that all Performing Arts students can demonstrate enthusiasm, energy and team-working skills within a small, supportive team.

A tour of the facilities and a chance to meet staff and students will also be offered.

Stage 2 – Recall for Performers

If you are successful in the group audition, you will be re-called for  an individual audition and interview based on your pathway choice:

  • Performing Arts: Acting and Musical Theatre – Prepare a monologue using a script that is provided. In addition (if you wish) you may also prepare either: a musical theatre song, which you perform in character (but not in costume!), or a 2 minute dance performance which showcases your skills.
  • Performing Arts: Dance – Prepare a short dance piece of your own choice that demonstrates your abilities and showcases your talents. You will NOT be required to perform a monologue for this pathway.
  • Production Arts / Technical Theatre – please bring any portfolios, artwork or references from your drama tutor, or any youth and/or professional theatre companies, that you feel will support your application, you will NOT be required to perform an audition for this pathway.

Stage 3 – Offer

If you are successful you will be given either a conditional or unconditional offer.

If you are unsuccessful our Advisors can offer further information, advice and guidance for your next steps.

Stage 4 – Enrolment

Enrolment starts at the end of August, you will receive an information pack and a designated date and time to enrol.

Last updated: 30th October 2018