Students unlock everything public services

Public Services students taking part in a practical session delivered by Zakon Business and Training Consultancy.

Our Public Services students heard from a range of guest speakers as part of Public Services Industry Week.

The talks allowed students to explore potential careers within the sector, whilst developing the skills they need for Higher Education or employment.

The main activity of the week was a gripping interactive session with Zakon Business and Training Consultancy, which saw students examine a crime scene and investigate a murder based on a real-life case before presenting the evidence in a mock courtroom trial.

Simon Smith, Zakon Business and Training Consultancy Director and former Police Detective, said: “We were delighted to attend Barnsley College and run our Criminology workshop based on a real murder which students were tasked with investigating. They performed brilliantly and not only got a taste of applying their studies in a real life situation, but had their eyes opened to a plethora of career opportunities within law, investigations and forensic science. It was an absolute pleasure to come to Barnsley and I hope one of our detectives returns next year to this wonderful College.”

Students also heard from Beth Kitchen, an experienced Aerospace Engineering Officer within the Navy, who shared her experience in visiting over 70 countries, working on naval ships, ensuring helicopters are safe to fly, Harrier fighter jets and spending two years posted in America with the US Marine Corps.

Sergeant Jay McIlroy, a representative from the RAF Motivational Outreach Team, shared with the students the different career paths available within the RAF, the strict code of conduct they must adhere to, the recruitment process and training, and what he does on a day-to-day basis.

Sam Rose and Ryan Gailey, Probation Officers at National Probation Service, delivered an informative workshop around probation services, the roles, careers, salaries, progression and the application process.

Last updated: 22nd April 2022