Primary Maths Challenge Sponsorship

Our English and maths department have sponsored a primary maths challenge at St Mary’s Church of England Primary School and Summer Lane Primary School in Barnsley.

The Primary Mathematics Challenge is a fun and exciting national challenge aimed at school pupils in Years 5 and 6. The questions asked in the test are not necessarily subjects that have been covered in the curriculum but can be solved by logical reasoning.

Pupils had 45 minutes to answer 25 challenging questions. Top scoring pupils were awarded with bronze, silver and gold awards and will now also have the opportunity to take part in a Primary Maths Challenge bonus round, which sees pupils competing on a word wide level.

Andra Ghencea, Head of Department for English and maths at the College, said: “Maths is an essential part of learning for all children and the challenge is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and increase confidence, so we were happy to support the schools. Well done to all the pupils that took part.”

Jack Moore, Assistant Head Teacher at St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, added: “It was a great opportunity for some of our children to access this test as they would have never had the chance without the sponsorship. The children really enjoyed it and all did really well!”

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Last updated: 13th December 2018

Originally posted on: 13th December 2018