Joe Jones – Business Development Officer

Joe Jones Business Development Officer

When did you start working at Barnsley College?

I joined Barnsley College in January 2018.

Why do you think it’s important for employers to develop their workforce?

Investment in staff development adds value to a workforce because you’re continuously improving the talent and skills within the business. Training and development also makes a business a more attractive employer; people look for more than just a salary nowadays, especially in a competitive job market or when applying for specialist or ‘hard-to-fill’ roles.

Which client accounts and sectors do you manage?

I’m based in Construction so I manage a lot of micro businesses in the trades sector, such as plumbers and electricians who want just one apprentice. I also work with AmcoGiffen which benefits from the Apprenticeship Levy and employs multiple apprentices.

Can you give me an example of a positive impact that you have had on a client business whilst in your current role?

My role involves organising inductions for apprentices and giving them advice on work trials. An important part of this is promoting the importance of professional conduct and good interpersonal skills beyond the practical trade that a student is learning. This is especially the case for micro businesses, where the apprentice and employer are working so closely together every day; a good relationship is just essential.

It can sometimes take multiple work trials before an apprentice finds an employer with whom they are compatible. Recently we had an apprentice recruited into a large business in Rotherham, after failing several work trials with other employers. The opportunity and personalities just clicked and he is now flourishing in the role. It’s so rewarding when our hard work pays-off.

Give us an interesting fact about yourself

I know the heavy-metal band Iron Maiden, they were guests at my sister-in-law’s wedding. Other than that, I’ve done quite a few television appearances including ‘Daisy Dares’ on CITV’s ‘Zapp!’ in the mid-90s!

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If you are an employer working in the construction sector and you want to employ an apprentice or upskill your existing workforce, please contact Joe by emailing


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Last updated: 26th March 2021