Julia Caldwell – Business Development Officer

Julia Caldwell Employer Engagement Co-ordinator at Barnsley College

When did you start working at Barnsley College?

I joined Barnsley College in 2010.

Why do you think it’s important for employers to develop their workforce?

Employers often tell us that they invest in apprentices because they introduce the latest skills and techniques. Also that they are keen to learn, want to work and won’t bring bad habits with them from previous employment. From the apprentice’s perspective, they are earning a wage and new skills, so whether they are an existing employee or brand new to the business, there is a clear mutual benefit.

Which client accounts and sectors do you manage?

I work with a large variety of small, local businesses including hair and beauty salons, restaurants, cafes and childcare providers. Apprentice roles are often specific to the business, such as Hairdressing, Beauty Therapist, Early Years Educator or Professional Cook. I also deal with apprenticeships which are more general and apply to all businesses, like Business Administration and Team Leader roles.

Can you give me an example of a positive impact that you have had on a client business whilst in your current role?

We recently recruited a Digital Marketing apprentice with an employer that had not embraced social media or digital marketing at all. The skills that the apprentice is introducing are completely new to the business and will open up so many new opportunities for marketing and promotion. For the apprentice, that’s exciting as it means they can make a positive difference. For the client it will attract new business so it’s incredibly beneficial.

Tell us a bit about your career to date

In my 20s I was selling timeshare in Ibiza and Lanzarote. It was hard work because I was living purely on commission; but if you can sell timeshare, you can sell anything! Once back in the UK, I worked in the NHS before moving into roles with two private training providers specialising in the education sector. I then moved into a job supporting long-term unemployed people into work and then apprenticeships later on. That was before the Apprenticeship Levy revolutionised the offering for larger employers, it’s a much more attractive proposition now.

Contact Julia

If you want to employ an apprentice or upskill your existing workforce, please contact Julia by emailing j.caldwell@barnsley.ac.uk


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Last updated: 22nd June 2022