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The Alt List

The Alt List radio show

The Alt List with Sally is a show which will not only get you singing along with indie anthems both new and old, but will also test your indie music knowledge with obscure links between tracks.

The Alt List will play the massive hits within indie music and some of the more unique and rare tracks from Sally’s own personal catalogue. She has collected alternative music since her formative teenage years in Manchester and has her own unique take on what quantifies as that perfect anthem. Be prepared to discover new favourite classics that you’ve never heard before.

Sally moved to Barnsley many years ago and studied Journalism at Barnsley College.  She spent a short amount of time as a freelance music journalist in Barnsley and has reviewed many an unsigned band. In the past she has worked with another VIBE DJ – Sime – on an unsigned radio show. In her spare time, Sally can be found writing in coffee shops, attending gigs, reading and trying some arty photography.

The Alt List airs every Monday at 6.00pm on The Vibe.

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