Sport students learn to make a difference

Sport students have increased their knowledge on how team sports can make a difference to the lives of children in the poorest regions of Uganda, Kenya, India and Pakistan.

Guest speaker, Julie Smith, the Head of Development at Netball Development Trust (NDT), visited the College to explain how the NDT aims to deliver netball at grass roots level in the poorest regions and how the NDT works to improve the lives of children in schools and communities and rural areas.

The students took the opportunity to ask how they can use their sport qualifications to help coach young people to become players, leaders, coaches and officials in the future.

Julie said: “Sports can be used as an avenue to bring communities together. It is vital for students to understand that sports can be used for the greater good and what they learn on their course about discipline, leadership and coaching can be used to make a difference.”

Amanda Sowerby, Sports tutor at Barnsley College, added: “Activities such as guest speakers are an important part of getting the word out about how sport can improve the lives of children. I’d really like to thank the Netball Development Trust for the talk and we look forward to engaging with them in the future.”

Last updated: 16th April 2018

Originally posted on: 16th April 2018