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Welcome to Hot Topics!  This page has been designed to provide you with further reading materials and links about the topics being promoted and covered in your LRC areas.  Want to know more about Shakespeare after the College Welcome ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ event or wondering why we have a fairy tale inspired castle in the computer suite?  Wonder no more!  You’ll also find useful guides and templates to help you should you wish to get involved with the LRC events and competitions being held throughout the year.

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Reading for Pleasure Theme – Autumn Term

As it is the beginning of the academic year, this term we want to take you down memory lane, back to where most of you may have started your reading experiences: Fairy Tales.  Remember curling up with your loved ones listening to stories before bed?  Maybe some of you are avid Disney fans and have seen all of their classics from Beauty and the Beast to Micky and the Beanstalk.  Almost all of these stories and films have deep roots in folklore and tales that have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.

Fairy tales were originally for adults and some were quite grim and morbid!  For example in Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, the sea witch cuts out the mermaid’s tongue in exchange for legs and these make her feel like she’s walking on knives with every step.  Unfortunately for the mermaid, her sought after prince falls in love with another maiden, leaving her heartbroken and she dissolves into sea foam.

Nearly every country in the world have their own versions of the popular tales we know today.  The first story of Cinderella, for example, originated in China and her slippers were made from gold, not glass.  The stories we know today became popularised and associated with children in the mid-19th century after the Grimm Brothers published a collection of the stories, Grimm’s Children and Household Tales, in 1812.  Other popular versions of fairy tales have been produced by authors and collectors such as Hans Christian Anderson and French author Charles Perrault.  Disney tweaked many of the tales to give them ‘happily ever after’ endings with their cartoon film adaptations, and later live-action remakes, to suit their younger audiences.

You can find out more about the writers here.

Reading for Pleasure Competition

We’d like you to channel your inner author and tell us your own version of a classic fairy tale.

Submissions can be in any format:

  • Classic written tale
  • Poem
  • Comic strip/Graphic novel style
  • Video/TikTok
  • Illustration
  • Audio book

Use your imagination!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with…

Send your submissions to by the the 30th November 2022.

Winners will receive an Amazon voucher, 1st: £25, 2nd: £15 and 3rd: £10, in time for Christmas!  Good Luck!

To get you started

Can’t think of which fairy tale to retell?  Here’s a list with links to some popular ones:

Some useful bits:

Comic Strip Template

Top Tips for Creative Writing

Top Tips for budding artists

Top Tricks for TikTok-ers

Last updated: 23rd September 2022