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There are countless things that can happen in Sci-Fi stories, there’s amazing worlds waiting to be explored, deadly global threats to prevent, weird alien races to meet, and so much more.

We have chosen a selection of books and movies to review, these are all available from the library, and can be borrowed once Lockdown has finished.

There’s a whole universe to explore in our library shelves……Why not fly over to our Book Tree to reserve your copy?

Did you know there’s a wealth of audio books to choose from too?  Here’s our suggestions to get you started on your audio journey:

When it comes to great movies, there’s no film genre as creative or original as sci-fi — especially when you consider how expansive the subject matter of science fiction really is. In fact, just like survival movies and end-of-the world movies, there’s truly not much that the sci-fi genre hasn’t already explored on screen. Think aliens and outer space, time travel, technology, artificial intelligence — you name it, they’ve covered it!

The Learning Curve have put together a list of cosmic science-fiction films, these are available to view on Sky Cinema, Now TV, Netflix etc..

Why not blast off into 2021 with one of these ‘out of this world’ movies!

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Last updated: 12th January 2021