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Lockdown may have ended and many of our kiddies are back at school but we’re still here for you and the younger members of the Barnsley College family.  Here you’ll find reading suggestions, fun activities and a range of arts and crafts to keep the young people (and maybe yourselves) entertained after your homeschooling!


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Best Books

You can never be too young to pick up the habit of reading!  Encourage your little ones or siblings to find the joy of reading with the following list of children’s books, especially picked by your LRC Team.

Are your kiddies too young to read to themselves and you simply just don’t have the time at the moment?  Here are a few of our favourites, conveniently recorded for you, so sit back and relax!  Many more (read much more professionally and by various celebrities!) can be found on BBC iPlayer, just look for CBeebies: Bedtime stories.


Kiddie Craft Corner

Lockdown is the perfect time to brush up on your creative side!  You don’t have to be Vincent Van Gogh to create a masterpiece and you’d be amazed at what you can make with things lying around the house or gathered on your daily exercise walk.  Below are a few ideas for your Littlies to try (and if you want even more inspiration, I highly recommend Pinterest!):


Perhaps a little bit of an obvious project to start with, but what’s Lockdown without a Rainbow?  Show your support for the NHS and Keyworkers with these easy to make ideas!


This basket weaving is so simple to do, yet really effective!  Why not give it a go and fill it with homemade baked goodies for your loved ones as a gift for after Lockdown? You can find full, easy to follow instructions HERE


Rock Painting is possibly one of the most therapeutic things I’ve done during Lockdown (these are, unfortunately, not my creations).  It’s really easy, the kids can have fun finding the rocks and using their imaginations for the decorating and it’ll even add a little colour to your garden (no green fingers required!)  All you need is some acrylic paints or permanent pens such as Sharpies (other brands are available).  If you want to get fancy you can add clear varnish to the finished rock to really make it last.  Top Tip:  If you grow strawberries, painting and placing a few pebbles that look like strawberries around the plants will prevent the birds from eating the real things!


Next time you go out for your walk, take a little bag with you and have a look for some leaves, twigs, dropped flowers, seeds, moss, pine cones… you get the idea.  With a bit of patience, strong base paper and PVA glue, you can create some absolutely beautiful forage art!  The designs don’t have to be complicated, but you’ll be amazed with the results and it’ll give you an excuse to get some fresh air!


My kids have always had an interest in drawing, but sometimes struggle with where to start or how to draw certain things.  Shadow drawing is such a simple way to draw complex shapes whilst working on your children’s fine motor skills!  Place your desired object at the bottom of your paper, shine a light near it and draw around the shadow… Done!  Your child can then add as much or as little detail to the drawing as they like, it can produce some interesting results!


Oh how versatile is the humble toilet roll?! Hopefully you’ve managed to source some loo rolls after the great toilet roll shortage. These are great ideas to memorialize this fantastic material in a practical and functional way (there’s nothing worse than having a multitude of useless models cluttering up your house, right?)


Wooden pegs are another over-looked object that can be turned into beautiful and functional objects!  All you need are simple wooden pegs and some glue (either wood glue, PVA or a glue gun will work fine).  It can get a bit messy, but that is part of the fun!

Step by Step

Some video instructions


‘When the world stayed apart, together was our favourite place to be’

There have been loads of ideas on how to remember this time together, pick your favourite and get creative!

Salt dough recipe

Covid-19 Time Capsule Workbook



1. Den Building

If your youngsters are anything like mine, you’ve probably had a few dens built in your house over the last few weeks, right?  And no doubt you’ve been rigged into helping to keep the structures from falling over under the vigorous play.  Well, Ikea Russia have created some fantastic instructions on how to build the most EPIC furniture creations.  Check them out HERE!

2. Tea Party

Make lunch or tea time special by having a tea party.  You can let your imagination run wild with this idea or keep it simple by just serving up some freshly baked goods.  If you want to go nuts, you can decorate to a theme: popular themes I’ve seen include a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, English Afternoon Tea, Teddy bear’s picnic, or even a rainbow food themed party!

There are lots of decoration ideas on Pinterest and Google and here are a few simple recipes to try for you to try:

3. Movie Night

Is anybody else missing the cinema?  Why not recreate the atmosphere of going to the movies in the comfort of your own home?   Our film expert has created this fab list of great family favourites for you to choose from.

There are several easy ways to create the cinema experience at home:

  • Create a ‘Pick n’mix’ area for your littlies to pick snacks (you can be as healthy or not as you like here!)
  • Turn off all the lights and switch off your phone
  • Have a special meal before/during the film – make your own pizza or hotdogs and nachos or homemade Maccy D’s (basically burgers/ nuggets and chips)
  • Make the most of being at home and get comfortable in your PJs and bring your duvets down to curl up together on the sofa
  • If you have a projector, why not create a comfortable seating area in your paddling pool or trampoline and watch it outside?

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