Reading for Pleasure

Obviously we can’t bring our fabulous reading tree online but we still want to promote the importance of reading for your health and well being!  Not only can books broaden your mind, but they can be very therapeutic, giving you an escape to somewhere else for a while, even if only within your own head.

“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body”

Joseph Addison


Below you will find some suggested reading lists from your members of the LRC staff:

Are there any that you feel we’ve missed?  It would be great to hear your suggestions and recommendations!  Feel free to email us with your thoughts or even a review of any titles that you’ve read so we can share the love of reading with other students.


Finding Resources

We realize that you might not have copies of the titles we’ve mentioned, but did you know that you can find loads of free electronic books online?  Just make sure you read the small print and T&Cs on what you find to make sure you’re not charged for your download!

For a limited time only, Barnsley Libraries are opening up their ebook and audiobook collections to non-library members.  All you need to do is download the LibbyApp from your local app store and use the code: barnsleylibs  You can find more information here.

We’ve also bought lots of new ebooks for you on Browns and Dawsons and for those more academic reads, EBSCO Discovery and Harvard Business Review have kindly given free access to their ebooks and resources too, so make use of them while you can!

If you have trouble accessing our online resources, please contact us on


Last updated: 4th November 2020