We operate a cashless catering system. It allows you to pay for food and drinks without carrying cash around. Instead, you pay for meals using your student card.

You will be given a unique student card when you enrol. Money can be loaded onto your card and used to pay for items in the refectories and coffee shops across College.

Registering the card for use

You will be sent an email to their College account from admin@cssmartload.net that will give you a unique password. The email will be sent by a company called ‘Counter Solutions’, it is important that you save this email as you will need the password for logging on to the website.

How is money added to your account?

Your card needs to be credited in advance to be able to purchase anything. Money can be loaded onto the card using a number of different ways:

  • Use the loading machines located in the refectory of the Old Mill Lane campus.  The loading machine takes coins and notes up to £20
  • Use the website way2pay.countersolutions.com. You can add a payment card and keep an eye on your account
  • Parents/Guardians can upload money using a guest account via the website www.cssmartload.net

What happens at the till?

You will put your card onto a reader at the till. The catering assistant will be able to check the details, enter the cost of the meal through the till and the cost will be taken off your card. Your balance will then be shown on the card reader.

What are the benefits?

With less need to carry cash, risk of it being lost or stolen is reduced and it is much faster to get served.

Keeping the card Safe

All Barnsley College students are required to wear their ID badge around their neck at all times for identity purposes and to gain access to the buildings.  If the card is lost or stolen, it can be blocked using the students account. New cards will be linked to accounts and students will be able to use the card immediately.

Reporting a fault

If there is a fault with your card you should report it to Student Services or Finance, who will help you to resolve the problem. If there is a fault with the balance on the card, this will be passed to the College Finance department to trace errors on the card and they will try to resolve the problem within 24 hours.

Card balances

If there is a balance left on your card at the end of the academic year contact the finance department within 4 weeks.  They will arrange for the balance to be credited if the value exceeds £5.00.

Contact details

If you have any problems with the card or loading you can contact the following for support:

Barnsley College Student Services    Tel    (0)1226 216 267 / 114
Barnsley College IT Help Desk           Tel    (0)1226 216 111
Counter Solutions                                   Tel    (0)1773 713 663

Last updated: 9th August 2018