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Students get an insight into the world of poetry

Lewis Buxton presenting an interactive workshop to Barnsley College students

Our students have been audience to guest speakers to celebrate and raise awareness of National Poetry Day.

National Poetry Day is a chance for students to celebrate the cultural significance of creative writing, as well as an opportunity to promote how easy, accessible and inclusive poetry can be.

One guest was Xylo Aria, Artist, Producer and Founder of Music Production for Women, an online music production course, podcast and YouTube channel. Xylo moved to Australia from India with her family at the age of seven and began to write music and perform songs when she was at school. Xylo spoke of her experiences in the music industry and how song writing has multiple purposes including telling a story, allowing individuals to stand out and create their own identity, a way to unwind and relax and the ability to become a full-time career.

Xylo said: “For me, poetry and lyrics are a way to tell a secret story that only you know the true meaning of. When I was growing up, writing music gave me a way to fit in and also a way to stand out.”

Our students were also joined by poet Lewis Buxton. Lewis presented an entirely interactive session whereby students wrote about both physical objects and abstract emotions and were tasked with making the two correlate. The task’s purpose was to encourage students to think outside the box and be creative with their language. He also spoke to students about the importance of giving poetry a go and not feeling daunted by the prospect of writing.

Lewis added: “National Poetry Day is vital because it helps us take the time to notice poetry. I think that’s hugely important for young people in education too as they have a unique view point on the world, and the role of National Poetry Day, through reading and writing poetry, is to encourage them to continue seeing the world differently.”

The day’s events were organised by Jimmy Parkin, our Cultural Capital Coordinator, who said: “National Poetry Day was a really good opportunity for the College to celebrate Barnsley’s long history of poetry, as well as the cultural diversity creative writing can offer. This year, we have worked with the Poetry Society and managed to create some fantastic activities for students including writing workshops.”

Last updated: 6th October 2020

Originally posted on: 6th October 2020

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