Students inspired by Poland visit

Our Public Services and Travel and Tourism students have been inspired by a trip to Poland.

The students embarked on Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial tour and museum visit. They also visited the market square and historical Jewish Quarter.

The highlight of the trip was a talk from a World War 2 Jewish survivor, Monica Goldvasser. Monica, whose parents bravely gave her up when she was just 18 months old in order to survive Nazi persecution, spoke about her survival.

The talk allowed students and staff to reflect upon how privileged they are to live in a country and College community which places enormous importance upon values such as tolerance and forgiveness. Monica herself was also noticeably moved by the appreciation shown by the students.

Shauna Naylor, 17, of Honeywell Close, said: “I found the Auschwitz tour very interesting and really enjoyed the tour guides who helped us and went through the history.”

Lorraine Simpson, 20, of Caistor Avenue, said: “Poland for me was well and truly life-changing. Seeing some of the most historic sites has inspired me to go searching for more. It is definitely worth seeing.”

Rebekah Morris, Travel and Tourism Course Leader, added: “It’s important our students have opportunities to visit such historic sites and understand the importance of these in the tourism industry. Despite the harrowing nature of the visits, many students came out with a renewed sense of fortune for being alive.”


Last updated: 10th April 2018

Originally posted on: 10th April 2018