Students intrigued by marathon man

We welcomed Ben Smith who successfully ran 401 marathons in 401 days all around the UK to learn about his story.

The Bristol-based runner, took time out of his busy schedule to inspire students and to raise awareness and tackle the issues of bullying within today’s society. After coming out as gay, the runner wanted to raise awareness of the damage caused by bullying and to encourage students to speak out.

After years of mental and physical abuse at the hand of playground bullies, Ben overcome cripplingly low self-esteem and embarked on this once-in-a-lifetime challenge to raise over £250,000 for ‘Stonewall’ and ‘Kidscape’ charities.

Students did not only feel motivated, energised and inspired, but left the talk questioning their views, opinions and in turn feeling more confident in realising that anything is possible if they just dream big.

Ben Smith, commenting on the visit, said: “I want to encourage students to stand up and be counted, I do this by talking about my life growing up and the challenges I faced and how running helped me overcome these.

“Colleges are by far one of the most influential places we attend in our lifetimes. I’m really impressed with Barnsley College and how modern their facilities are.”

Jimmy Parkin, Personal, Social and Development Officer at the college, added: “Ben’s story is truly inspirational. To have him come to Barnsley College and share his experience with our learners is a real honour.”

Last updated: 13th March 2017

Originally posted on: 13th March 2017