Students tackle casualty extraction activity

Casualty extraction activity

120 Health and Social Care students have taken part in a casualty extraction activity in the Urban Park at our Old Mill Lane campus.

The event was led by Warrant Officer Class 2 Kevin Bowles of the British Army’s 212 Field Hospital and designed for the students to see medical work in a unique way as they dealt with a simulated medical scenario from a military standpoint.

The scenario required the students to move a casualty from one point to another without touching the ground using a plain waterproof sheet and ropes, before returning this equipment to the original point for further use.

Tutor Jo Byrne said: “The event was designed to test the students’ communication, team-building and problem-solving skills in an interactive manner. The event was fun and many of the students were able to be involved in the task.

“The students performed really well and were able to succeed with the task. It was a good team building exercise with lots of idea sharing taking place and the students got to enhance existing skills, use new ones and operate outside their comfort zone.”

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Last updated: 4th March 2019

Originally posted on: 4th March 2019