Students take part in print exhibition

An exhibition of prints by Art and Design students has opened in The Civic and is available to view until 8 April.

The artwork selected has been chosen for its links to the natural world, from Yorkshire landscapes to animal studies. The project was completed over the summer and provided an opportunity for them to come up with creative and engaging artwork.

Katharine Jackson, Course Leader for Art and Design, said: “We have a long standing relationship with the curator of the exhibitions at The Civic, our students have had the opportunity to showcase some of the best pieces to a wider audience. I am very proud of the hard work that the students have put in and their experimentation shows in the pieces that have been selected.”

William Cleland, an Art and Design student, added: “I feel this has been one of the most fulfilling art related experiences I’ve had and I believe I will carry on aspects of the revelations I have had in this project throughout the rest of my artistic career.”

To see what study programmes are available in art and design, visit the Art, Design and Fashion Department page.

Last updated: 22nd February 2017

Originally posted on: 20th February 2017