Students take to the skies

The winning ‘airline masterclass’ group

Travel and Tourism Level 3 students participated in an airline masterclass where they had the opportunity to create their very own airline.

Student led teams had to decide on an airline name, theme and design a logo. They showcased themselves and their newly created airline to industry professionals who acted as judges.

Students have gained an incredible skill set from the airline masterclass including teamwork, communication, business, completing financial costings, carrying out sales, presentation skills and having deadlines to meet, which will set them in good stead for when they find a job within the industry.

The winning airline team will now compete against other colleges and schools from Yorkshire and Humberside in the regional final. The overall winning team will all receive a British Airways flight to Heathrow with a behind the scenes tour.

Maggie Mumby, Travel and Tourism student, said: “This was a fantastic experience, I think our group worked really well together. It helped us really bond throughout the teamwork activities. It was a really enjoyable day and a great opportunity!”

Rebekah Morris, Travel and Tourism course leader, added: “The airline masterclass was a fantastic opportunity for our learners.  Throughout the day they gained numerous skills such as budgeting and finance, problem solving, teamwork and presentation skills; all of which are valuable within the travel and tourism industry.  We are really looking forward to attending the regional finals in Leeds.”

Last updated: 29th March 2017

Originally posted on: 29th March 2017